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More powerful, less resource intensive, and possibly morally more appropriate than any other big ad-blocking extension currently available, uBlock Origin is a great solution to the problem of intrusive online advertising. It works with virtually everything, and also has a lot of customization features that help you tailor your ad-blocking experience.
Block those unwanted ads on your Windows PC with uBlock Origin.

Nobody likes ads, but they're a part of daily web browsing life now. Well, not unless uBlock Origin has anything to say about it. With uBlock Origin, you can block ads with a variety of built-in filters like EasyPrivacy and EasyList, and add more from a huge list that includes spam404, MVPS HOSTS, and Fanboy's Enhanced Tracking List. You can also read hosts files and create filters out of them.

uBlock Origin can also block ads for just a single website, or an entire domain, as well as select individual elements of a site to block. This extension has a low memory footprint and does not consume too much CPU cycle time.

uBlock Origin is free and open-source software under the GPLv3 license.

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