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About the be.come project

Be and love yourself with the be.come project for iPhone.

The main reason why people work out is that because they want to change on how they look physically. Thanks to social media and celebrities, it now has become all about achieving the bodies of certain people and must conform to so called standards.

the be.come project is about vulnerability and acceptance when working out.

Bethany Meyer's is becoming one of the top fitness trainers with not just a cult following but a unique approach to fitness and it shows in this app. It is about body positivity, "come as you are", bare it all and share your struggles as you workout at home.  This app promotes being open, accepting and loving your body as you workout.

The app will release just a new 25 minute total body workout that is designed for all levels and that's it. You won't see it in an archives or in a library. Just one workout per week is being offered so thus keeping track of your progress and how you feel before and after working out are of most importance.

This app is open for all.

Express yourself and be open about your body with the be.come project for iPhone. 

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