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Simplewall takes the firewall and upgrades it to a complete network security and management tool, with an array of features like bandwidth controls, OpenVPN, and public blacklist integration that are both easy to use and effective. This description isn't unique to Simplewall, and are mandatory parts of modern UTMs, but what makes Simplewall stand out is that it delivers everything in a package that is, as its name suggests, simple, and also free and open-source.
Firewall security and content filtering have never been simpler with Simplewall.

Your business's connection to the Internet can't just be fast and reliable - it also has to be safe from hackers and intruders. The answer to this is often Unified Threat Management (UTM) software, but these programs tend to either be complicated solutions that require a lot of experience to use, or cost huge amounts of money or expensive subscriptions. Enter Simplewall.

Simplewall allows for simple configuration of the Windows Filtering Platform (WFP), providing a simple platform for configuring network activity, regulating which apps and processes get internet access, and control over restriction of network access through ports and of specific IP addresses. It's the perfect solution for small and medium-sized enterprises, while remaining free and open-source.

Simplewall features all major features that you'd want in a UTM solution. It includes a complete filtering tool that lets you create any content filtering rule or policy you'd need, networking tools like port mapping and DHCP and DNS server setup, community-driven URL blacklists, bandwidth allocation, OpenVPN integration, and more. All this comes packaged in an attractive, intuitive interface, complete with dashboards and notifications that give you all the information you need about your network.

Simplewall is available in executable installer or portable form, though you will need administrator privileges to run it properly.

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