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About J. River Media Center

J. River Media Center is a media player shareware for Windows developed by J. River, Inc.

J. River Media Center offers a comprehensive media player for Audio, Video, images and television. It features a media network that features tools for remote control within the reach of the network.

It also features data paths within the program and enables support for lossless media formats like APE, FLAC, Windows Media Lossless and Apple Lossless. It also supports media formats from the general to not so common used formats. It can also connect to media streaming websites like, Netflix, Hulu and YouTube.

Aside from this, J. River Media Center can also record high definition TV and provide a replacement for cable TV. It has a theater view interface and controllable by a media center remote using any portable devices like iPhone, iPad, Android and many others.

J. River Media Center is available for trial and costs US$69.98 to purchase the full-featured version.

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