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Social travel apps are more prevalent now than ever, and are becoming more and more elaborate, providing a whole host of tracking abilities that personalize but also complicate the experience. Ramblr is an admirable effort to simplify such tracking and journaling of travels without compromising on features and functionality. With its great social features, trip sharing, public trips and plenty of stat tracking, it's a great way of detailing your travels, while also checking out others'.
Record your adventures easily and accurately with ramblr on Android.

Your travels deserve more than just a brief status update or blog post. Ramblr provides you with an interactive journal that lets you log your time spent with Mother Nature with not just the usual suspects of videos, pictures and text, but also vital statistics, tracked routes, and tagged maps as well.

With this app, you can track on a map where you are going, record and tag your experiences on different points of your map, track and share statistics like speed, time, distance, highest point and more, and combine these with multimedia like audio and video recordings to tell your story.

Ramblr features Facebook and Twitter integration so you can easily share your travels on social  media, as well as downloadable maps with offline support and public trips that you can follow. You'll also get to see trips taken by friends and other adventurers, letting you follow their paths, or search for trips by audio and video recordings, keywords, location, or name.

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