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Competing browsers are only now trying to import Opera Mini's best feature that it's had for years. The web page pre-compression is a godsend for mobile users with tiny data caps, greatly extending how much a couple of gigabytes can provide. Images are somewhat iffy, with the app not always respecting the quality settings, but overall webpage rendering is fast and clean.
Opera Mini is a free Internet browser for Android phones. By itself it is a competent, basic browser, but its main feature is its ability to preprocess webpages and compress them by up to 90%, greatly saving on data usage and rendering speed.

Opera Mini has plenty of modern browser features, such as tabbed browsing, which enables viewing of multiple webpages at once without reduction in performance or quality of the browsing experience. Its Speed Dial feature lets you access your favorite websites from a convenient list in just one click. It also has a set of bookmarks that are automatically displayed when a new tab is opened. Private tabs let you browse the web without saving browsing history.

Opera Mini's more unique features include content syncing, which allows users to manage and synchronize bookmarks and favorites between mobile and desktop browsers. A night mode adjusts the brightness of webpages for a better browsing experience in the dark.

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