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About ocenaudio

Edit your audio files with ocenaudio.

Editing your audio should not be very complicated, technical and difficult since all you care is your audio. ocenaudio removes the complications of analyzing and editing audio right in your computer. It has a powerful library that is proven to be enough in handling all of your much needed audio manipulation and analysis applications to various platforms.

It is based on the Ocen Framework, will remain responsive despite having so many files open, time consuming tasks can run in the background while you focus on other areas, real time preview of effects, can handle large audio files among others.

This app is designed by a research group at the Federal University of Santa Catalina in Brazil, who are looking for an audio program that is easy to use yet loaded with features like spectral analysis, audio signal generation, usability, multiple file support and more.

A no frills approach to audio manipulation with ocenaudio.

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