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The mark of a great student is often good time management, and with myHomework, that management is easier than ever before. With a great interface that is simultaneously modern yet reminiscent of the classic notebook with colored post-its stuck haphazardly on the edges, the app is easy to use and get into, and doesn't just work with courses but also tests and homework. What could have been its best feature - syncing with teachers' courses online - is sadly hampered by a lack of penetration of, which would otherwise have made life so much easier for both educators and the educated.
Plan your student life on your smartphone with myHomework Student Planner.

myHomework Student Planner handles all the planning needs that a student may have, whether they're in middle school, high school, or university. The app provides a variety of planning features that allow students to track their classes, assignments, tests and homework, in a beautiful interface that displays an attractive, well-designed calendar.

myHomework supports schedules that are based on set times, periods, and blocks, making it ideal for any kind of student. By signing into an account, students get even more features, like full data synchronization across all devices with myHomework, access to the website, notifications for homework, and automatic downloading of assignments, announcements, and more for associated classes.

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