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About infltr - Infinite Filters

Use more filters for your photos with infltr - Infinite Filters for iPhone.

If you are satisfied on using stock filters for your iPhone, then be open to the possibilities offered in infltr - Infinite Filters for iPhone.

This app is designed as to be the most advanced photo editor in your hands as you can use it for filters not just for photos but also for videos, animated GIFs, Live Photos, Depth photos and more. Changing filters is easy by just panning your finger on screen. There are unlimited filters in the app with more than 7 million filter possibilities, 23 editing tools, widgets and more.

There is also a pro version of the app that maintains HD resolutions when editing panorama shots as well as those taken with a DSLR, edit photos online via Adobe Creative Cloud and Dropbox and be edit the background and foreground of the photo.

You can save your created filter in your device.

Create your own filters with infltr - Infinite Filters for iPhone.

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