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This is a really special app that makes driving much more safer, is accurate and does a nice job on the directions. It is easy to use. However, it can be bit buggy to use and that it uses a lot of battery power. So if you are using it, be prepared to plug it into your car charger.
Improve your driving skills with iOnRoad - Augmented Reality Driving for the iPhone.

Driving is a never ending learning skill and with iOnRoad - Augmented Reality Driving, you improve in real time right in your iPhone. This app uses the camera and sensors in your device to detect vehicles in front of you, warn of potential collisions, tailgating alert, car locator, navigation software integration, driving analytics, off road warnings, speeding alert and many more. All of these are possible with augmented reality.

Drive safe with this app.

Drive and improve with  for the iPhone iOnRoad - Augmented Reality Driving.

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