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iCatcher! boasts an impressively detailed gesture-based playback system that makes it easier than ever to listen to your favorite podcasts. It doesn't feature silence skipping or voice boosting, but it does make life easier in other ways by allowing you to import podcasts and add them from URLs aside from getting them inside the app.
Catch up on your favorite podcasts with iCatcher! for the iPhone.

With iCatcher!, you can now stay up to date with your favorite podcasts right in your iPhone. The app helps you keep track of all of your podcasts, allowing you to download them in the background as new episodes arrive, and also create custom playlists as you desire.

iCatcher! also offers substantial playback features through both button-based and gesture interfaces. The app allows for variable playback speed and remembers settings for each podcast episode, includes a sleep timer, and also allows for external playback through AirPlay or an HDMI adapter.

You can also browse for podcasts right from within iCatcher!, add podcasts with a URL, or import media and OPML files through iTunes.

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