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Be able to share your GPS location even offline through your Android with goTenna app and device.

goTenna is a free app for Android which allows you to share your GPS location to your family and friends on a map even when offline.

Before you go offline, download already the maps that you need and set up your account, then you can share your location even when there's no internet connection, no WiFi, and satellites. You have to pair your smartphone with your goTenna device then to a fellow user through Bluetooth then you can communicate off grid. The app offers you sending and receiving messages for free, share locations on a detailed map offline, encrypted messaging, "Shout" broadcast to anyone within range, and with upgradable firmware and software updates. Lastly, you can set up an group chatting account for easy collaboration.

Download the goTenna app now in your smartphone and use your goTenna device together to communicate offgrid.

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