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About Framakey

FramaKey is a free system utility software for Windows developed by Framasoft.

FramaKey is a package of accessible free software ran from a USB device. It’s main purpose is to provide you a portable Windows free software, which can be installed and set to run directly from FramaKey. This give you advantage to move your documents and files as well as your customized software environment. Like for example: you can take your web browser options when your on the move, Manage your e-mail accounts from the host computer, work on your text documents, spreadsheets and slideshows, play any multimedia format file sand a lot more.

Aside from its mobility features, all the software provided with FramaKey is stable, secure and concealed. It doesn’t corrupt any ongoing processes of the host computer as well as the web browser and the e-mail client is protected, revealing only very little about you.

The official version of FramaKey includes Firefox, Thunderbird,, VLC, CoolPlayer and Scite. You can also download alternative packages or individual applications from FramaKey website.

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