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About avast! Pro Antivirus

Avast Software’s avast! Pro Antivirus is a paid security program for Windows-based operating system which offers thorough protection for your computer.

avast! Pro Antivirus
utilizes a virtual technology which increases your protection wherein any application can be run in the virtual Sandbox and this prevents unwanted elements to attack in your PC. The new release of this program guarantees that it prevents interruptions since it automatically detects applications to disable pop-ups and other notification which can be harmful in your system.

One noted feature of avast! Pro Antivirus is the heuristic engines which proactively detects malware which cannot be located by other relative security softwares and virus signatures. Moreover, this app also has a built-in boot-time scanner which cleans your PC before the Windows OS starts to run.  Another feature of this app is the ability to run its scans silently even while you are playing or using your PC without interruptions.

The trial version can be downloaded for free.

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