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About Comodo Antispam Gateway

Comodo Antispam Gateway is a free software that eliminates spam from a computer’s email system.

It has intuitive, easy-to-use user interface. It uses ‘Passcode Authentication’ technology which is an active filtering algorithm to authenticate senders of each incoming e-mail messages.

If in case, there is an e-mail that are not “allowed” or “blocked” lists, it will temporarily stored and a special Anti Spam Alert (ASA) message will be sent back to the senders. This feature includes the Anti Spam Passcode via a graphical attachment.

Comodo Antispam Gateway will ask the sender to reply and type in the passcode in the body of the reply. Passcode requires a human to read the code then type it in the reply. An automated actual spammer will never have a chance to reply correctly, and then the e-mail gets stored with other junk.

In addition, Comodo Antispam Gateway uses a cloud bases (SaaS) pre perimeter defense against the likes of spam, virus infected attachments and phishing emails. It also has a Forensic grade auditing of all mail management and domain configurations, restores productivity due to lost of inbox housekeeping, granular configuration of mail management privileges and more.

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