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Fight not just zombies but also others in for iPhone.

Battle Royale type games are all the rage and joins in the fun. However, it has a twist and that twist is that aside from facing off against other players, you also have to deal with zombies.

This game brings 100 player, multi player, 2D, and real time battle royale extravaganza right in your iPhone. You can play solo against other players to be the last one standing, play with a friend or an auto match with a new teammate or assemble a squad of 4 players.

Zombies are also lurking around, about 1,000 character cosmetics are also available, new season every few weeks, daily and weekly rewards are also available. There are also 50v50 battles clans among others.

There are also building blocks to build defenses and shelters.

All the zombies and players to fight off in for iPhone.

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