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There's nothing quite like Zombies, Run! despite the endless lines of clones that have followed since its creation. The experience of having to actually run, as well as the immersive sounds of zombies chasing you, are a far more thrilling, challenging, and entertaining experience than any other running app out there. The app recently moved to a rather annoyingly expensive subscription mode, though, which has dampened its value for money.
Immerse yourself in a thrilling running adventure with Zombies, Run!

Even the most motivating running app often just boils down to a bunch of numbers and the occasionally fascinating stats breakdown. Zombies, Run! shakes up this tired fitness formula by immersing you in a world of the zombie apocalypse, where you must run if you are to survive. Don your headphones and listen to your orders, then dodge zombie hordes as you hear their breathing and groans.

The game features over more than 200 story missions in the full subscription version, as well as Airdrop and Interval Training modes. You'll get to play your own music via in-game selectable playlists, find supplies as you run, and get access to your run stats through ZombieLink.

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