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X-Ray Camera is a cute novelty app that lets you seemingly take pictures through walls, though your mileage may vary depending on your location and the quality of your camera. Actually using the app through a pseudo-AR camera interface is easy, though the results are hardly worth the setup effort at times. The novelty of X-Ray Camera wears off relatively quickly, but it does provide a unique distraction when you're in the right place.
X-Ray Camera is a free photography app for Android that allows users to seemingly capture photos through buildings.

X-Ray Camera features an augmented-reality camera that makes it possible to take photos through buildings and walls by utilizing the GPS. It also has a virtual zoom feature that works up to a distance of 100 miles.

X-Ray Camera is easy to use. Simply hold your phone level, adjust zoom factor if necessary then aim and shoot. There are also onscreen directions that can walk you through the process.

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