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About X Windows System (X or X11)

X Windows System (X or X11) is an open source windowing graphical user interface implemented for Linux and other Unix-like system by X.Org foundation.

X Windows System’s main feature is it can run programs such as XTerm terminal emulator and the user interface (window, mouse, keyboard) on different machines. In fact, the program and its user interface can be running on different continents with all communications going over the internet.

X also incorporates many windowing capabilities which includes network transparency, graphical capability. The use of a mouse and the ability to link together heterogeneous network of staions from different vendors.

In addition, X was intentionally designed to provide lo-level mechanism for managing the graphics display, but not to have any control over what is displayed. It has a flexibility to be used on many different ways both for the simplest window management up to the  most complex desktop environment.

X.Org currently maintains and provides open source implementation for the X windows system. The development work is being done together with the community.

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