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X-Com 2 – Terror From The Deep is a DOS based strategy game set on a futuristic planet Earth, where an alien life-form from the ocean is set to invade and inflict terror to its inhabitants.

Terror From the Deep is the second installment of the first defense strategy game Enemy Unknown. The story is set decades after the first Alien War was won, when a new alien menace begins to emerge from the oceans. Eventually, it is revealed that the aquatic aliens came to Earth on a massive space craft, known as T’Leth, that crashed into the ocean 65 million year ago and supposedly caused the extinction of the dinosaurs.

The basic aspects of the game have remained the same, except that base-building and battles takes place underwater. The only time the game move onto the surface is for the missions when the aliens attack a port, ship or island. Aside form the underwater warfare, the games graphics and atmosphere are far better the first issue. It also added new ships, new weapons, new aliens and new research items to gather.

This game is the CD-ROM version that works for Windows. It also goes together with a patch that fixes graphic problems on Windows XP and some other system platforms.

X-Com 2 – Terror From The Deep is available for download at a costs of US$4.99.

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