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World of Tanks has tremendously deep mechanics and requires players to always be on their feet, even if the game appears to plod along at a sedentary pace. The game rewards strong teamwork and provides an incredibly high skill ceiling as well. All this is strong praise for the game - provided you can get past the learning curve that's so steep, getting past the low-level stages practically requires sit-down YouTube viewing sessions and reading external articles.
Wage war with players all over the world in powerful vehicles from World War II and beyond in World of Tanks.

World of Tanks features a combination of realistic tank combat mechanics and action-packed gameplay in a brand-new take on the multiplayer arena genre. The game's realistic physics takes into account projectile penetration angles, different types of ammunition, thickness of armor at various locations, component damage, camouflage, and many other attributes, while providing players with tight control over their vehicles.

Players go head to head in large team multiplayer battles on gigantic maps, choosing from six modes of play - random battles, team-training battles, company battles, team battles, stronghold battles, and special battles. Large groups of players can band together to form Clans, where 15-100 people can collectively vie for dominance over different territories.

This game features over 450 period vehicles from Germany, Britain, Soviet Union, France, United States, China, Japan, and Czechoslovakia. Other tanks from other countries like Italy, Sweden, Poland, Hungary and more are also included.

The game categorizes vehicles into light tanks, medium tanks, heavy tanks, tank destroyers, and self-propelled guns, each with their own unique strategies to play. There is also a tiered system that organizes tanks of each category into successively powerful levels.

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