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WolframAlpha provides a massive database of knowledge, but more important than anything else is how easily you can ask questions of it as though you were asking some all-knowing scholar, not a machine. The app demonstrates expertise in nearly every field conceivable, from advanced mathematics to geography, and even history.
Get instant expert-level information from the incredible Wolfram|Alpha knowledge engine with the WolframAlpha app for Android.

WolframAlpha feeds your hunger for universal knowledge anywhere you go as long as you have an Internet connection. Leveraging the power of Wolfram|Alpha, the app provides knowledge from thousands of fields, allowing you to ask a question in natural language without having to fumble with keywords or search filters.

With WolframAlpha, you can do anything from solve difficult crossword puzzles, to analyze calculus and trigonometry problems, and even learn how much Vitamin C there is in a scoop of ice cream!

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