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Wise Auto Shutdown's simplicity betrays what is possibly nothing more than a wrapper for the Windows Task Scheduler, except specifically only for power-related concerns. It offers no real additional functionality over the built-in Windows toolkit, other than the fact that it's more easily accessible to newbie users than the somewhat complicated built-in task scheduling utility. However, this fact is all-important for anyone who doesn't know the inner workings of their OS, and for that, perhaps a simple wrapper is all you need to be useful.
Automate your computer's shutdown easily and safely through Wise Auto Shutdown.

Wise Auto Shutdown provides robust management of tasks, power management and efficient use of the computer. It can shut it off, restart, sleep, hibernate, log off and more at a specific time, or at regular intervals or a set time every day.

Wise Auto Shutdown
runs in the background and has a very low CPU and memory footprint. It has an extremely simple interface that lacks menus or dialog boxes, and just features two panels which show active and selectable tasks that you can pick from.

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