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About Wine Ring

Get to tell if you are going to like a wine or not before buying it through your Android with Wine Ring app.

Wine Ring
is a free app for the Android which lets you choose a wine that you might really like based on your previous wine ratings and tastings.

The app can help you take out the guess work if you will like a wine or not. You first start off with the wines you already tasted and rate them, do this a couple of times with other wines and over time the app will learn your preferences and the app will be able to tell you which wines you might like and which ones you might not like. The app will also give you recommendations based on the app's patented algorithms, your ratings and your built-up profile.

You can also tell if you will like a wine by taking pictures of the label and then the app will tell you if you'll like it or not, and rate it too. Show it on stores for easy buying or in the restaurant for easy ordering.

Download the Wine Ring now and get to choose the wines that you will surely love.

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