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Windows Movie Maker is not a particularly robust piece of software. It supports only a few input file types, has limited features, and doesn't offer much in the way of image adjustment for videos. However, it is incredibly easy to use, its built-in effects and text overlay features are relatively impressive, and most of all it is absolutely free. It might not challenge even a budget video-editing suite, but for most simple editing requirements, the free Windows Movie Maker will do absolutely fine.
Movie Maker is a free video-editing program that comes with the Windows Essentials package

Movie Maker allows you to create and edit home movies right at your computer. The software’s interface is simple and easy to use even for users without prior experience with video-editing software.

Importing videos, images, and audio is a breeze with the intuitive drag-and-drop interface. The software also comes with transitions and special effects that can easily be applied to any video clips through the editing interface.

After finishing up your editing, Movie Maker lets you publish your creations directly to major sharing sites, including OneDrive, Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, and Flickr.

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