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Almost two decades later, Winamp continues to really kick the llama's a**. The absolutely huge array of available plugins and skins makes Winamp the most customizable player out there hands down, while new features like automatic album art retrieval and autotagging via Gracenote bring this classic media player up to speed with modern playback features.
Customize your multimedia playback experience with Winamp.

provides a simple and easy-to-use interface that belies a whole host of features, with extensive support for all major audio and video formats, and access to streamed content, both live and recorded. Users get a complete, highly customizable media library which they can freely organize and manage based on their own personal preferences.

also has access to free content downloads and online radio stations using the Shoutcast protocol, giving Winamp users access to the massive array of content that's only available via streaming services.

One of the main draws of Winamp is the thousands of third-party skins and plug-ins available to it, that allow users to have complete control of the player's interface, as well as allowing them to add new features like visualizations and DSP effects.

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