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Wickr Mr offers no compromises across its functionality - every message, including multimedia, is fully encrypted and inaccessible to all but its intended recipient and the sender. No Metadata and Timer add to this privacy capability, covering all bases. All this it does without introducing noticeable hitching or slowdown in the service. The primary difficulty in recommending this app over others is that it lacks voice call support, which is not only a major feature in other standard messaging apps, but is also found in some end-to-end encrypted messaging apps as well.
Get secure private messages on your smartphone with Wickr Me for iPhone.

In a world where everything is online, and our very identities are at risk whenever we conduct transactions or communications, encrypted messaging is a growing need.

Wickr Me
fulfills that need for private communication with end to end encrypted messages, featuring photos, voice messages and videos with full sender control. The app's developers, a team of security and privacy experts, have taken every measure to ensure the security of communication done with Wickr Me.

This app also features a Shredder, which can completely remove all traces of messages, videos, and images from your device. You'll also get No Metadata, to remove records, geotags, and identifying information from any sent messages, and Timer, which adds an expiration timer to your messaging content that deletes them after it ends.

Aside from messages and multimedia, Wickr Me also allows you to send stickers and graffiti, as well as add fun filters to your images. You can also communicate with groups of up to 10 people at once. Your contacts and Wickr ID remain secure and anonymous.

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