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About Whispers of a Machine

An AI dystopia murder mystery to solve in Whispers of a Machine for iPhone.

There are a string of murders happening and Vera, a cybernetically augmented special agent, has been assigned to solve it. However, it becomes bigger than that as a group tries to create an AI superintelligence, that was outlawed for a reason in Whispers of a Machine for iPhone.

As an agent, you are also equipped with Blue, a nano substance that helps her develop superhuman abilities adapted to her mindset. Get to choose your own style of investigation and make your choices that will impact her augmentations and solutions to the puzzles.

The game features more than 4,000 lines of dialogue with full English voice acting, point and click innovation, hand drawn pixel art and more.

Question what you stand for in this game.

Get this app for $4.99.

Its a battle for AI supremacy in Whispers of a Machine for iPhone.

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