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Claw your way using your imagination in Welcome to Moreytown for iPhone.

Moreytown, that one place where human/animal hybrids live together. However, it is not a nice to stay as there are gangs, chaos and trouble in just about every corner. Claw your way to the top in Welcome to Moreytown for iPhone. This is an interactive novel of 150,000 words that is all text with no graphics and sound effects. It is just the words and your imagination being used in this game. You get to play as one of 13 species, play as male or female or non binary, gay, straight or bi. You have the choice of running your own cult or taking over a gang, saving your neighborhood, pursuing romantic relationships and more.

Save your pelt for $3.99 in this game.

Pick your choice in Welcome to Moreytown for iPhone. 

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