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About Weight Tracker for HealthKit

The way to track your weight is in your iPhone with Weight Tracker for HealthKit.

As you are in your journey to stay healthy and lose weight, .you need a way to keep a close watch on the amount of weight you lose and that is in your hands, in your iPhone in Weight Tracker for HealthKit. This app helps in entering and keeping track of your weight. The app uses Apple's own HealthKit to store and save your weight information. It is straightforward to use as you need to just slide the slider to your latest weight and tap in order to record it. There is no need to enter numbers to the keypad in this app. You can also track and record the BMI and body fat percentage.

It is also flexible to record it any weight unit like kilograms, pounds, stone among others.

Look at your weight with Weight Tracker for HealthKit for iPhone. 

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