Download Webcam Surveyor 3.7.6 build 1104 for Windows

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About Webcam Surveyor

Webcam Surveyor is a security software dedicated to monitoring your PC and its environment. This is a complete video surveillance and capture which notably allows your webcam to act as a motion sensor. Webcam Surveyor may perform different actions such as video recording, programming of actions when motion is detected (send an alert, upload images to an FTP server for viewing distance, play a sound, capture video in AVI, and others).

The application integrates a browser that allows you to easily organize snapshots and video clips. It also supports audio / video codecs MJPEG, DivX, MPEG-4, MPEG Layer 3 (MP3) and WMAudio Encoder (WMA). Output formats are AVI, JPEG, PNG and BMP. It is possible to define a range of image capture up to 1 second to 59 hours.

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