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Weather Timeline's interface is clearly inspired by many modern social networking apps, but presses the timeline into unique service as a way to easily digest weather forecast information and updates. This brings a unique way of getting information that most users will be familiar with and to which they will adjust quickly, though like in actual social media platforms, it can be possible to miss important elements as you scroll quickly through weather updates. The app also seems to be responsible for some degree of annoying battery drain.
Get a detailed, easy-to-read summary of the weather in the near future with Weather Timeline for Android.

Weather Timeline
summarizes the hourly, 48-hour, and weekly weather forecasts, organizing them in a timeline of concise and easy-to-read weather digests and alerts. Information on the timeline is color-coded to mark the various weather conditions, and features real-time weather alerts and warnings, selection of weather provider, custom themes that can affect interface colors and many more.

The app also has a "Time Machine" function that will take you to the weather several months and even years in the future or past, to see what the weather was like, or will be, at any time. Weather Timeline also provides graphs and charts of weather information, a table layout, and much more.

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