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About Weather Live

No more surprises from the weather with Weather Live for iPhone.

The weather is unpredictable. Even when the forecast is said to be sunny, there will be a light drizzle or shower of rain to make your day. Or when the forecast is for rain to fall down but ended up on a sunny day for all.

Weather Live
takes the surprise of the unpredictable weather and thus giving you a heads up on preparing to go out. There is no need to look at the window anymore just in your iPhone as this app will come alive using live weather scenes that depict real time weather conditions.

The app features weather forecasts for multiple locations around the world, forecast temperatures for over 24 hours and 7 days, an adjustable layout, extended forecasts, daily reports and more. You can also search the weather for a specific location by zipcode, postcode, IP, airport code, the name of the city or town and even latitude/longitude.

The app also has information on the sunrise/sunset, temperature, dew point, wind direction and more. It can also be used with your Apple Watch.

Be prepared for the weather with Weather Live for iPhone.

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