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About Wealthfront

Plan your finances and invest trough your Android with Wealthfront.

Wealthfront is a free app for Android which helps you gain a second source of income to generate more cash flow.

We of course know that financial planning takes quite a bit of know-how and calculation, the app helps by developing a comprehensive and personal automated financial planning and investing solution they call "Path".

 It will analyze your data on your financial accounts and discover insights about your finances where they will put a custom made financial plan for investments that can put your money to work for you, coupled with reduced risks, reduced taxes, and with reduced fees geared towards your financial goals.

Be it for retirement, educational plans for the kids or just for solid financial foundation on the future, the app can help you achieve these goals. You simple pay the minimal annual advisory fee and that's it.

Download the Wealthfront and start early to reach your goals early.

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