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Travel with the right currency at hand with WeSwap for Android.

For travelers, money is one of the essentials in terms not just the budget of your trip but the amount you need for food, transportation and other expenses. Each country have their own currency and that mostly you don't have it in your pocket.

Have money at the right currency with WeSwap for Android.

An award winning app where you can get your cash exchanged with fair and transparent rates. Join a peer to peer community of 350,000 travelers who have swapped currency. Just sign up in the app in order to get your multi-currency prepaid MasterCard. You can load money on it using Android Pay, your online account or with a debit card. This card is what you use to swap or exchange currencies.

You can use it in over 150 currencies worldwide, hold and exchange 18 currencies in different wallets in advance and more. You can use the app to check your balance, monitor transactions, set target rates block, unblock card and be able to invite friends to join you.

If there is some money left in the card after traveling, you can swap it to another currency or use it in your home country.

Handling different currencies is no longer a pain when traveling with WeSwap for Android.
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