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Efficient, accurate, quick to update, and full of useful information, Waze takes crowdsourcing to a new and interesting application that has excellent benefits for anyone on the road. The app's routing and navigation features always manage to keep drivers on the best route possible, while social features make it easy to coordinate with friends and family on the road. Sometimes the app may be a little too aggressive with traffic avoidance, forcing the use of much longer routes just to dodge a brief jam, but overall it saves time and effort.
Waze is a free social navigation app that connects you to other drivers using real-time road reports.

is more than just a map and navigation tool. All users are linked to each other and share information in real time, including traffic information, road closures, incident reports, police traps, and other important points of interest. Users can also share information about local places, as well as gas prices in the area, all of which will be shared with the community.

Waze uses this information to help you navigate in your area, rerouting you in real time to avoid traffic and incidents, while helping you get the best routes to your destination. The app will also learn about your frequent places to go, favorite routes, and hours of commute. You'll also be able to make use of turn-by-turn voice-guided navigation to your destination, as well as add Contacts to your Waze network and share routes and locations with them and see their ETAs when going to the same place.

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