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Bring some style to your home with Wayfair for iPhone.

Your home or living space is an extension of who you are, a canvas of self expression and a window of you are. People can see of who you are more as they step into your home. Add some design, decor and furniture to your home with Wayfair for iPhone.

Everything you want for your home, you can just tap in order to get it. This app brings you the largest collection in the world of home goods. You can see in your device life sized version of the items thanks to the app's 3D View in Room feature, choose from over 7 million products, fins inspiration with professional designs from Shop the Look, arrange your home with its Room Planner tool, create a wedding registry and more.

You can track your packages no matter how large in real time, purchase items fast and check order status.

This app can also be used for shopping for a business with commercial grade options, exclusive pricing, dedicated service and more.

Add to your home with Wayfair for iPhone.  

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