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Visually simplistic and retro might be a cliche today, but it doesn't mean that a game is derivative or unfun, and Warlock's Tower easily proves that. Filled with unique gameplay, genuinely challenging puzzles, and more, it's enough for hours of fun.
Play a challenging little puzzle game on your Android smartphone with Warlock's Tower.

Warlock's Tower
is an old-school-style puzzler that invokes the 8-bit memories of the original GameBoy.

In Warlock's Tower, there's one simple rule - every step you take, you lose one life. Gain more lives by gathering items as you go, avoid enemies and obstacles, and reach the exit in over more than 100 rooms of increasing difficulty.

Play the game solo or in tag-team style with a friend. The game features old-school visuals and sound effects and simple touch controls.

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