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Put secret messages in real-places with AR tech though your Android with WallaMe.

WallaMe is a free app for Android which lets you insert messages in real world public locations in secret to only be read by the app through the AR(Augmented Reality) technology.

The app lets you take pictures of real-world locations such as a wall to surreptitiously put messages that can only be read by the app. So when someone with the app passes by they can read what is you designed on that wall through AR tech. It is like creating a unique work of art only to be seen with people using the app. The app offers you Geo-location, beautiful stickers, drawing & painting tools, image streaming, sharing features, comments, no banners or IAP. Lastly, you can search for the nearest AR wall nearest you to see what they have created for the public, you can also put messages near your girlfriend's wall when she passes by she'll be able to read it.

Download the WallaMe now and send secret messages in public physical locations.

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