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Windows Firewall's advanced settings pane can be somewhat obtuse, and its notifications are easily accidentally dismissed, never to be seen again. Enter WFN (Windows Firewall Notifier), which takes care of all of this by putting all the power and options available to users in a simple interface, while using more reliable pop-up notifications to inform users about inbound and outbound connections. The app also includes various monitoring tools that are helpful to more advanced users. Overall a great download that can only do good.
Have more control over Windows Firewall with WFN (Windows Firewall Notifier) for your Windows PC.

WFN (Windows Firewall Notifier) grants you more features and monitoring tools for finer Windows Firewall control, and also notifies you when an application wants to connect to & fro your computer.

WFN (Windows Firewall Notifier) can quickly establish a rule when to allow inbound or for outbound connections, by notifying users with a pop-up message whenever a program tries to connect. If a program is blocked, WFB will then show you a notification balloon if the computer attempts a connection when it is not being allowed to do so.

WFN (Windows Firewall Notifier) also provides more information to users, such as bandwidth monitoring, network adapter information, lists of connections, and real-time connection mapping with routes overlaid on a geographical map.

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