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Get your internet when in Japan with WAmazing for iPhone.

Solving the problems of overtourism, limited public WiFi access and hotel accommodations in Japan is WAmazing for iPhone.

When you come to Japan as a tourist, you need a reliable internet service just be able to post on social media all the time and communicate with friends and family back home. This app does that as it provides free internet service (free SIM card) that you can use with 500 MB for free that can be extendable up to 15 days. There are are also paid options as well.

These sim cards are available at their booths in may of the major airports around Japan. The service is backed by NTTDocemoto's LTE/4G network.

Aside from proving with internet access, you can use this app to look and book for hotel accommodations with deals from more than 10,000 hotels as well. And that they can lasso refund you if any other hotel booking service have a much cheaper or lower price than what the app offered to you.

There is also another service in the app and that is posting sightseeing experiences that is far from the typical ones.

Have an amazing time in Japan with WAmazing for iPhone.

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