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Change your privacy setting on your Windows PC with W10Privacy app.

W10Privacy is a free app for the Windows which helps you tweak your privacy settings to however you want them to be.

The app will give you more control over the settings and gives you more information on the settings like you may hover your mouse over and the app will tell you what it does, it also tells you settings in direct simple terms and not be so vague about it like "Do not let the apps use my camera", or " Do not let apps access my pictures". Plus it also gives you color coded warnings like if its green then its safe to tweak, if its amber then be careful or when its red then tweak only if you absolutely know what you are doing.

Usually these settings are tough to find and is usually hidden in deep menus, but with the app you may easily find these and be ready for option settings.

Download the W10Privacy now and set for your desired privacy options easily.

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