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About Vuforia Chalk

Help people from afar with Vuforia Chalk for iPhone.

When you have a problem or someone has one but is too far away for you to get there on time, bridge that gap with Vuforia Chalk for iPhone.

This apps makes it easy to help anyone when you can't be there to do it. You can guide them instead to fix the problem using this app. useful for education, support and service, what this app does is virtually help troubleshoot problems to friends and family when you or them are too far away.

You both share a live view of the problem, draw on the world to make for clearer instructions, talk about the problem and more.

You can use this app to call someone with know how in getting your WiFi working, home repairs or installation, fix basic appliance problems and basically eliminate service calls needed.

See and solve problems together with Vuforia Chalk for iPhone.

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