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Video Player HD includes the same robust codec and subtitle support that we've come to expect from higher-quality video players on Android, so it's not exactly special in that regard. Where it does shine is in its audio adjustment features, which include a far more detailed 10-band equalizer than the stock Android setting. The app could use a better playback interface though.
Improve upon the stock Android video player experience with Video Player HD.

Video Player HD is a free video player that supports all major video formats including AVI, MP4, WMV, MKV, and many more.

The app has a wide variety of playback features that aim to maximize your video playback experience, including a simple and intuitive playback interface, video streaming support, and a Video Resume function that lets you continue playback wherever you left off.

The app also features strong audio adjustment features such as a 10 band graphic equalizer with presets and bass and treble adjustments, which expand upon and override the stock Android equalizer.

Video Player HD comes with a file manager that can display all videos on your Android device and their respective parent folders. It also supports playback of 4K videos with devices that can handle the decoding CPU load.

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