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Sometimes, the most important thing you need to do with your photos is manage their size, either for uploads or to minimize storage footprint. Many image editors have this ability, but either cost money or lack extensive support for batch operations. With Light Image Resizer, you get that one important feature free, and it works well with multiple files, and even comes with a variety of other important features such as an image to PDF tool. For this feature set, few other choices in the world of the free are anywhere as good, and even some similar tools that cost money only match it.
Easily resize your photos right from your right-click context menu with Light Image Resizer (VSO Image Resizer).
With Light Image Resizer (VSO Image Resizer), you get a Windows Explorer shell extension that lets you quickly convert your images just by right clicking on them. The software lets you select you resize images, compressing, converting, or copying them. It uses a fast multi-threaded resizer for great performance, and Lanczos and Bicubic filters for maximum quality, or Linear for speed.

You'll also get to batch resize several photos at once, and even convert JPEG to multi-page PDF files. In addition, you can add your own watermark to protect your work or add a copyright to your photos, in HTML text format and with transparency support.

Light Image Resizer (VSO Image Resizer)
works on files, folders and sub-folders, and also supports RAW formats. 

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