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PhotoDVD is a software for Windows-based computers that allows you to create a DVD slideshow of your digital photos to watch on your TV with any DVD player.

PhotoDVD lets you to burn your work into a photo album, add music to the slideshow and write comments or texts in a single click. The interface as easy it is to use is also available to let you select the files or folders you want to recover your images from your digital camera. You can even view a live preview of your work before saving.

You can also select audio and music playlists for background music. The transitions and animations of your pictures can be done completely automatic with a slight zoom or movement that you can set on each photo you want. You can then view them on your computer in YouTube quality and or DVD player. The videos can be made into SD to Full HD settings as well.

In addition, a professional style DVD menu can be added for optimal navigation of the slideshow. Finally, a copy of your source files are stored in your project folder so that you can keep track of your digital images without any loss of quality in order to edit them or print them later.

PhotoDVD is an easy to navigate and use photo viewer and slide show creator for your desktop.

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