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  • Release date: 05/19/2018
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About VICE

Experience once again the explosiveness of C64 with VICE.

There is nothing more explosive during the 1980s than the Commodore 64, a home computer that is also a record holder as the highest selling single computer model of all time by the Guinness World Records. The C64 is also known a gaming console and that's where VICE comes in.

This is an emulator that lets you experience what was once the best computer in the world today right in your souped up laptop or desktop PC. There is also an extra emulator for an expanded C64 with the CMD SuperCPU.

This emulator supports not just the C64 but also many other Commodore computers like the C64TV, VIC20, C128, CBM-II and more.

The nostalgia factor for Commodore 64 sinks in with VICE.

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