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About VHS Filter Old Cam.corder

The VHS is back in your iPhone with VHS Filter Old Cam.corder.

Before Blu-ray and DVDs, big, block like cartridges called VHS are popular. Today, they seemed rare as you might find them as a collector's item depending on the movie or stored somewhere in your grandparent's junk. It has a noticeable feature when you watch a VHS tape and that is its grainy resolution and glitches.

Thowback to times spent on VHS with VHS Filter Old Cam.corder for iPhone.

This app turns your modern iOS made videos into VHS. Give your videos a 90s feel with VHS camcorder effects, glitches, change the date and more. There are also sound effects that you can add to your videos. You can edit your video in app as well.

Bring a vintage feel to your videos with this app.

Turn your videos into VHS in your iPhone with VHS Filter Old Cam.corder. 

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