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Treasure hunting in VAST - Pocket Edition for iPhone.

A group of treasure hunters who are way over their heads, Enzo the robot, Michu the cat, Yori the hot shot and the archeologist frog, Jasper find themselves trapped on Frozen Star, the mythical place as their plane needs some badly repairs while the Voroid horders are hot on their trail.

With so many things going on, VAST - Pocket Edition brings an anime flavored, sci-fi action adventure right in your iPhone. To play the game, you get to experience it by campaign levels that are released episodically over time. There are also free updates to the campaign episodes as well. You must shoot, jump and move around in a world that you can explore in most of the time.

Have a blast playing this game.

Get this game for $14.99.

There is more than treasure hunting to be done in VAST - Pocket Edition for iPhone.
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