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Relatively straightforward and easy to use, User-Agent Switcher provides a quick solution for a specific problem without adding on any unnecessary bells and whistles. Its seamless switching performance is good by itself, while the useful ability to save specific URLs to be spoofed is a fine management feature that saves an extra step when visiting websites that are giving you problems.
Quickly switch among user-agent strings with User-Agent Switcher for Chrome.

A user agent string provides websites with the information needed to identify what a client's browser is, and on what platform, allowing servers to send different versions of the website to a client that can be optimized for their devices. Sometimes, though, this information can prevent modern browsers from viewing older websites, or maybe a developer may need to test different user agents with their website.

User-Agent Switcher for Chrome is an add-on that can mimic or spoof user agent strings in your browser, allowing you to get any version of a website that you might need. The app lets you quickly switch between user-agent strings that you can setup. It also allows you to save specific websites that it will spoof every time with a particular user-agent string.

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